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There is an epidemic sweeping across America.  It is not a medical epidemic, but a financial one. This epidemic is called foreclosure fraud, and it is being committed by the major financial institutions such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, GMAC and US Bank.

These predatory lenders would have you believe that when they foreclose on your home the only option you have is to aquiesque and simply hand over your home to them.  They don't want you to know that you have any other foreclosure defense other than giving them even more money.

If you are looking for a good foreclosure defense, you should consider having a forensic loan audit in conjunction with a securitization audit.  These two audits can determine if your lender does in fact maintain the legal right to foreclose on your property, or if you have been the victim of a fradulent foreclosure.

Forensic audits in the form of securitization audits and forensic loan audits are the best way to discover foreclosure fraud and keep it from becoming a major problem for you.  Thanks to the evidence that has been uncovered from these audits, many people have been able to avoid losing their homes to a fradulent foreclosure.  

A forensic loan audit will examine all of your loan documents for irregularites and violations of state and federal statues in the form of mortgage fraud, predatory loans, high interest rates as well as other excessive fees and penalties.

A securitization audit can also provide a valuable foreclosure defense for you.  During a securitization audit, a securitization auditor will search through and examine hundreds of thousands of documents to determine if your mortgage was securitized, and who owns the deed and who owns the debt. You would be amazed at how many times the deed and mortgage have become separated, resulting in fraudulent foreclosure attempts on the part of the lenders.

A securitization audit will also identify an act of foreclosure fraud predatory lenders such as Bank of America love to engage in called “robo signing.” This is the practice of banks, in trying to push as many fraudulent foreclosures through as possible, have signed off on foreclosure documents without even examining them, and in many cases forging signatures or engaging in other fraudulent activities.

A securitization audit can determine if it was an actual bank employee that was authorized to sign the document was the one that signed off on it, or if it was a robo signer, and therefore a fraudulent foreclosure.

This is why if you need foreclosure help, you should not hesitate to contact Tila Solutions to give you the foreclosure help you need.  For over a decade, Tila Solutions has been looking out for the homeowner with their forensic loan audits and securitization audits.  If you need help stopping foreclosure, a Tila Solutions Consultant is available by telephone at (702) 508-0335.  Or you can visit the Tila Solutions website at foreclosure defense.